Sunday, 4 May 2014


Church this morning, and then home to lunch, followed by a lazy afternoon sitting in the garden in the sun, before the YFG and I began to tackle the kitchen again.  She has worked like a little trojan, cleaning the tops of the cupboards, masking off and then emulsioning the walls, up and down the stepladder like a pro!  I have been cleaning out the cupboards and using vast quantities of cream cleaner, which is the only thing that seems to shift some of the dirt........the shame!

My new plates are now displayed in a little nook, and I shall share a photo tomorrow.  Now I am having a wee break from the ironing, just popping in to say Hello, and to check emails.  It has been a remarkably technology-free day, and it has been good.  Not being connected to the world and his wife is sometimes a good thing!


simplesuffolksmallholder said...

Every boot sale we've been to there have been dozens of jigsaws and I keep thinking of your FH and thinking if only you were closer I would find all sorts of interesting ones for him.

Bridget said...

It sure is good to be technology free some days, you get so much more done!
Well done on the painting x