Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Big Pray

I have had a fantastic day at The Big Pray, held at Red Lodge near Bury St Edmunds, today.  It was arranged by the East Anglian District of the Methodist Church, and there were 160 of us there.  I went alone, which was a huge step for me, but it was fine as everyone was friendly and there were lots of others there who weren't permanently attached to other people, so I didn't feel out of place.  I went to some good workshops, bought a couple of books and a new CD, and came home enthused and re-energised.  Loved it!

However, I am now just putting the final touches to tomorrow's service, the washing needs hanging up in the morning and although I cooked the supper tonight, I haven't had a chance to wash up yet - there's always tomorrow, I guess....

Hope you are having a good weekend - the YFG is off on her expedition and has texted to say she has walked about 11 miles today and is rather tired!  She's trying to wangle a day off school on Monday, I think!  She hasn't got too wet today, and the weather hasn't been nearly as bad as was forecast, thank goodness.

Thank you for all the support about the knitting - I shall email the pattern to those who have asked for it tomorrow - if you want a copy, please send me your email address in a comment which I won't publish x

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