Friday, 9 May 2014

Anyone for knitting?

These are some of the hats I knitted last year for the Operation Christmas Child boxes that we sent off from the Knit & Natter group at the chapel.

Unfortunately, the ladies have decided that they do not want to do the boxes this year "as they are a lot of work" - and I feel disappointed.  I also feel a bit miffed as I have loads of stuff in the garage chest of drawers ready to send this year - pens and pencils, crayons, bits of stationery, etc that I have been collecting, and that we had left from last year.

We send hygiene items [soap and flannel, toothbrush and toothpaste, brush or comb], stationery bits and pieces, hat and scarf [we made the scarves from IKEA fleece blankets last year] and toys, etc.

I think it is very worthwhile.

So the question is, do I find some other group that is doing this and support them, or would you like to knit some hats with me?  What do you think I should do?  


veeknits19 said...

I have been knitting hats too. The pattern for stretchy hats on the Operation Christmas Child website is brilliant for using up oddments of wool as it uses two strands of dk, using oddments gives a nice tweedy /stripy effect, and no wool is ever wasted. If you decide to carry on knitting & collecting other bits and bobs then I'm sure your local (xmas shoe box) group will welcome them with open arms. You don't have to make up complete boxes, all contributions are much needed. I know from helping to check boxes at our local centre each November that there is always a need for extra items to top up some boxes or to replace the odd item that doesn't fit the criteria and shouldn't have been included.(Any item that might damage other goods if it breaks or might get the whole consignment held up @ customs - always goes to another good cause, so nothing is wasted.) Maybe this will encourage your knitting group to continue knitting as it takes the pressure off from completing boxes, they can choose items to knit or crochet from the website. Not sure if this helps. Happy knitting, it's such a lovely charity to support, isn't it?
Vee x

Morgan said...

Mindo would like to knit hats with me, for which I am very grateful. I haven't published her comment because she shared her email address, and I don't want her getting a lot of useless spam!

I shall send anyone who would like the pattern that I use it over the weekend if you send me a comment with an email address in it.

Thanks for your encouragement!

Frugally challenged said...

Keep knitting! If you flap your ears around your Circuit there will probably be a group. What's more, if you keep knitting it might be that the chapel group will have a rethink next year.

I knot hats for the Sailors Society who do parcels for merchant seamen at Christmas. Angela at Tracing Rainbows put me on to them.

LAGL said...

Evening - It may be worth checking with Samaritans Purse - I have a hunch they may "sort" the boxes they receive so that they are even if that makes sense - they may accept bundles of goodies rather than whole boxes. We are involved in a local scheme for an orphanage in Bulgaria and I know that is something they do. Alas I cannot knit nearly well enough to do hats!!

Bridget said...

Our church stopped doing the boxes but what they did is put a big box out for bits and pieces for the shoeboxes to go in and then they were taken to a church that did do them. A couple from Samaritans purse visited our knitting group and our local branch do take bits to make up whole boxes with so that is another option. Good luck anyway, I hope you find a solution x

rabbitquilter said...

I'll knit some hats! I have done them in the past for The Sailors Society, is it the same pattern I wonder? What a shame your group aren't very interested this year. We have a lady at our quilt group that does 'Christmas Boxes' although we don't do anything as a group, we do give and make bits for her boxes whenever we can. I provide the shoe boxes as my boy's feet are size 12/13 so good size boxes!!!!!
Good luck to EFG for the expedition, hope the weather holds!!

Louise said...

Hi it's something that I have wanted to get involved with so Yes I would be happy to knit/crochet some (!) hats for you. I will check out the web site mentioned above for patterns and wait for further instructions. Wishing you a relaxing weekend Louise xx