Thursday, 29 May 2014

Not all rosy

In the interests of letting you know that life isn't always rosy in the Fens, I have to admit that the SW plan isn't suiting us at the moment....the EFG has lost some weight but she has put back on some of the weight she has lost in the time we have been attending the group this year.  I've lost half a stone, and it is staying off, just, but I haven't lost any more - I've been hovering about the same weight for the last month.  We just aren't in the "groove" or whatever the expression is!  Perhaps the time is not quite right for the EFG with her exams starting on Monday, and I find that my own dietary restrictions don't fit terribly well with the plan.  I think I have to get to grips with it in a different way, and study the plan more carefully - when I did it years ago, there was a choice between Original or Green days, and I could cope with that, but now there is also Extra Easy and Success Express to add to the mix, and it is all just a bit much to get one's head around.

We are both doing more exercise, so that is a positive point, and we are both well aware of the simple equation which everyone keeps pointing out: eat less + move more = weight loss....We're working on it!

Good news is that I heard this morning from my Faith & Worship tutor that the Connexion [or Methodist HQ if you like] has assessed my work that was sent in at the end of March, and it has passed muster!  Very pleased to get that phone call this morning.

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SusanM said...

Exams are enough to deal with. Plenty of time afterwards to concentrate on weight loss. One thing at a time and best of luck with her exams x