Saturday, 6 April 2013

You just can't put a price on it!

Money can't buy the kind of friendship and love we have experienced this year since the FH has been ill.  You guys who read and comment here have been so kind and supportive, our friends in the village and beyond have been wonderful, and the community we know on Facebook, which covers more widely-flung family and friends, are consistently there for us, with support and love.  It is really humbling to know that there is a big community out there for us.  Thank you.

(photo by the EFG)

The girls had a great day yesterday in Ely with their friends.  They went their separate ways in the town and then met up later on for hot chocolate in Costa.  They didn't come with me the first time I went to Peterborough with the FH last night, but they did keep me company on the second run with the CPAP machine - and I was glad of the company, I can say.  I always find driving at night tiring, and put it down to the reduced visibility and the concentration, and the headlights coming towards me.  We fell into bed at about 12.30am this morning, and I woke up when the phone rang at 9.15am!

The weather has been glorious here today, with only light breezes and beautiful sunshine, so I was hanging out washing as soon as I had it done this morning, and left two loads blowing in the wind all day.  It smells so fresh now.  The girls slept until I woke them at 11.30am, but they were very tired and I thought that they needed some extra sleep.

(photo by the EFG)

This afternoon we went to see the FH in hospital.  He is in a medical ward, rather than cardiac, because there were no beds on the cardiac ward, but we are hoping that if one becomes available, he may be transferred because although the respiratory team are treating him at the moment, they do acknowledge that he is a cardiac patient.  He has had IV diuretics, and the urine output has increased somewhat, with some reduction in the swelling too.  Unfortunately, he is far less happy in the medical ward, and said that last night, he would have walked home if he had had his shoes [he only has slippers with him!] and today when we saw him, he was fairly miserable.  It is understandable, and it only frustrates me that I cannot do anything more to help him.  He suggested that we have a rest tomorrow and not visit, so I have arranged his cousin and family, who live in Peterborough, to visit him tomorrow afternoon so that he still gets company, and at least they will have different news to share with him.

We have had several phone calls from friends and relatives wanting to know how the FH is doing, so we spent some time talking to the callers and keeping them up to date.

This evening, the girls and a friend have been out bike riding on a five mile circuit around the village for an hour and a half whilst I cooked the tea, and then we have sat and watched a DVD together this evening whilst I did some more knitting.  I have let the chapel know that I am unable to take the service I was scheduled to take in the morning - my mind won't concentrate on things like that - so we will be worshipping in our own chapel amongst our friends, where we need to be, in the morning.

We are all off to bed in a minute in the hope of getting some sleep.  Good night xx


Frugal in Bucks said...

I do hope he gets moved, horrible being stuck there.
Much love

Wannabe Sybil said...

Hugs and prayers and hoping that this will be sorted out and all will be okay. WS xxx

Angela said...

Thoughts and prayers with you all xx

Mac n' Janet said...

So sorry to hear he's back in the hospital, hope it gets sorted out soon and that he is home with you again.
Prayers and thoughts with you.