Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Busy day in the Fens

A bright, windy and blue-sky day - perfect for line-drying the laundry!

A trip with the FH to the local nursery and we came home with flowers for the pots.  Absolutely beautiful colours, and I'm really looking forward to getting these planted.

The motley crew of chooks - Brown Sussex, hybrids, Light Sussex and Barred Plymouth Rocks all in this group.  I spent ages cleaning out their house this afternoon, working up a sweat in the sunshine!  Lots of barrow loads of composted muck ready for the veg bed.  This house uses the deep litter system over the winter and about half of what I pulled out today was just like compost.  Excellent for the garden, and good use of a by-product.

This is Butch #2, the Gold Partridge Orpington cockerel, with his six wives.  Perhaps he should have been called 'Enry.  He is a magnificent specimen.

You can see the wives better in this picture.  Their house also had its clean out today - they have a much smaller house and it isn't suitable to use deep litter so it is cleaned out weekly.  These ladies have been exclusively with Butch #2 now for just over a month, so I have begun today to collect their eggs to get ready to incubate.  Four lovely eggs set aside today - only need 20 more...

And the fruit bushes - sorted out, weeded and set up in the sun.  Let's hope they produce a little more fruit this year.

(image from bristol-labs.co.uk)

The FH has been for his first Warfarin review this morning, first thing, and it was a little disappointing for him because the level hasn't risen much at all - from 1.1 to 1.2 - and he is aiming for between 2 and 3, so the nurse has increased his dose, and we have to go to another review next week.

I'm half way through the fifth hat now, and feel that all the shovelling this afternoon has earned me a good sit down this evening, so I should get a bit further on with it.


Gill - That British Woman said...

My step-father is on warfarin and it took a few weeks to settle down to where is should be, so tell your dh not too worry.

I actually got a load of laundry hung out over the weekend for the first time this year. However as it is cold and snowy again it's back to hanging the laundry in front of the fire to dry!!

Gill in Canada

SarahElisabeth said...

It was a great drying day. Your hens look great though it all sounds like hard work.

Morgan said...

@SarahElisabeth - it was hard work, but I actually really enjoyed it as it was the first time I have spent three or four hours outside in the fresh air and sunshine and it was Glorious! I hope we can have a few more days like this - it might be cold, but the sun is great and it really lifts the spirits.

Thanks for popping in, everyone - good to hear from you xx

Ciao said...

Beautiful blue sky up here in the NE but bitter cold, hopefully next week wil be warmer. At least the daffs are lasting a long time outside,xxx