Monday, 8 April 2013

I don't "do" politics but...

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Baroness Thatcher died today after a stroke, aged 87 years old.  She became Prime Minister in 1979, and since I was born in 1972, she is the first PM that I remember.  Serving for 11 years, she was the PM of my childhood, and although I remember a little of her policies and their effects at the time, I remember her more for other things.

For me as a young woman, the first generation of my family to go to university, she was an example of what women could achieve.  She is famed for needing little sleep and working extremely hard, and putting politics to one side, she was an example of someone driven and determined to succeed.  She was one of the first to shatter that "glass ceiling" on women's achievements.

As I have heard on the news tonight, she was fiercely proud of this country, too.

 I have been disappointed and ashamed tonight to read my FB feed and to see comments from people I thought I knew as Christians who are posting disrespectful and rude comments about this woman's death.  

I like Jack's blog post today for its honesty and most of all, for its respect.  Thank you, Jack.


Jennifer said...

I quite agree with you - I wonder what kind of people I am living amongst who can be so cruel about the death of an old lady.

Just discovered the blog you mentioned - thank you.

Ciao said...

Hi Morgan I didn't get on the computer yesterday as I had a hospital appt and was so worn out didnt get the chance. I hope your husband will soon be out of hospital having had my parents both ill for years nearly 20 if not longe,r then my husbands health deteriorated,
Have to make the lunch now Bye cc