Monday, 1 April 2013

April's Challenge

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I'm making April the month I move more!  I have several of Davina's fitness DVDs and I intend to make use of them, as well as walking more and getting a bit more toned.  After I lost weight last year, I definitely need to tone up and get fitter.  I don't intend to spend any more money as I have the DVDs to use, walking is free, I have boots to walk in, old clothes to exercise in, and plenty of water to drink.  I'd better get started!


Angela said...

Do post before and after photos when your body is the same shape as Davina's!! [mind you, that DVD shot is probably 'photoshopped']

Easter Blessings xx

Morgan said...

You are joking! I am not taking any photos, Ang...

The girls have been out for a bike ride this morning and I am just considering some gardening in the sunshine we are enjoying today.

Hope you are having a good day too xx