Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Growing indeed

The lovely UJ has done some of my veg seed sowing, and today he came back to go to the lunch club with the FH, bringing me seed potatoes as well.  The three boxes of eggs that the FH sold to his mates at the lunch club covered the cost of the potatoes, so that was a good swap, I thought....The potatoes are a variety called Home Guard, which the FH thinks he remembers his father planting, but I had never heard of!  The Head Coach grows a lovely variety called Picasso but I haven't seen any seed for them this year.

This afternoon, UJ and I planted them in one of the beds, so we now have potatoes, beetroot, spring onions, broad beans and peas in the ground, and lots in the mini greenhouse.  We are on our way at last!  Huge thanks to UJ for all his help and support in this, as he has been wonderful!

We have been to the warfarin clinic as well this afternoon, and I went to the nearby plant sales but the raspberry canes I wanted to buy looked a bit too dormant yet to risk - I am not casting aspersions on the shop but I have had a lot of bad luck with raspberries and I want any I buy to be showing signs of life!  They had lots of other soft fruit and grape plants which looked very appealing, but I hadn't gone for blackcurrants, grapes, melons, etc: I wanted raspberry canes.  Maybe not this year!

Tonight I have listened to a chap who called himself a broker try to sign me up to buy a "position" in his investment opportunity in Brazil.  The company has a very swish website which reveals that they are not regulated by the FSA, and he called me, and wouldn't reveal how he got my details.  I listened for 40 minutes, I am sorry to say!  I have emailed him through the website to say that I am not interested and not to get in touch any more, so I hope he takes note.  The glossy brochure will be going straight into the bin when it arrives, because I am sure this is a scam somehow...

Also into the bin went the Lakeland and Book People catalogues today - they are not scams, and both were full of things I would love, but I definitely don't NEED anything from either of them this month, so I got rid of temptation very quickly.   I have been considering these today though:

(image from

We have been looking for new sitting room furniture for some time now, and we may not replace a sofa and two chairs with exactly the same configuration; I saw these chairs in a home-decorating magazine at the hospital yesterday and I love them.  BUT they are £399 each, and I don't really want to spend £800 on two chairs.  I have heard, though, about a big charity shop that sells furniture at Downham Market, through a lady at the  church, who found some lovely furniture there, so I think that it would be well worth the trip over into Norfolk to go and have a look around.  

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Wannabe Sybil said...

I always bin the catalogue for the book people asap and go to their site only at specific times and through quidco/topcashback. Not so strong willed with Lakeland but currently no choice. WS xxx