Thursday, 18 April 2013

Blowing away the cobwebs

We have had a "Fen Blow" here today - strong winds have whipped up the soil and carried it in the air in quite a dramatic fashion.  There is a picture on the BBC website with an accompanying story HERE, and I think that photograph was taken not far from the village.  I didn't have time to drive out to take any photos, but I think you will find that one dramatic enough!  It persisted this morning for several hours, and the FH explained to me yesterday that local farmers who have sown carrot seeds may well be looking at reseeding the fields as the seeds might have blown away as they are so fine and put so close to the surface.  It even made the local radio today and one older lady was heard to say that it was the worst blow she had seen in 20 years!  We could smell the soil in the air, and it was rather nasty when it got into the eyes as well.

The FH has had a good day today, resting, but also a little pottering around in the kitchen....rearranging my pantry whilst I was out!

Off to do some knitting now, with a cup of tea - it has been a long day, again, and I am tired - roll on the weekend!

Updated on Friday - the Fen Blow made it on to the local lunchtime news today - fame for the Fens!

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Wannabe Sybil said...

That pic looks like a horror movie! Fingers crossed for some calmer weather. So glad FH is able to potter. WS xxx