Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Books and Budgets

An interesting day today - I've had a good variety of things to do!  

Started off with the chooks

and a little bit of digging in one of the veg beds, ready for where the courgettes are planned to go

and hung some washing on the line

just before I watered the huge tubs where the fruit trees grow - it has been dry lately and I thought they could do with a good drenching!

And that was the end of the sunshine for me!

I spent a couple of hours in school cataloguing books for a new reading scheme, then had a Budget setting meeting.  I dashed home for a snack and then went to the gym club for the evening's training.  The FH had cooked the tea I had prepared earlier [he's definitely getting better!] so I was able to sit down to tea as soon as I walked in the door.  We have watched some tv and chatted with the girls, who have told us about their days at school, and now I am heading towards the bath.  Hope you have had a good day, and some good weather wherever you are.

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