Sunday, 28 April 2013

Things are growing at last

The seeds which were planted a couple of weeks ago are really coming through now, and the plants are looking quite healthy.

 These are three tubs of dwarf beans, of a variety called Ferrari - no doubt because they are quick off the mark!

Six little pepper plants, three red and three green.  These are the ones I bought, as the seeds haven't burst through yet from the seeds I sowed.  I think that they will be some way behind...

Runner beans here, growing in loo roll tubes.  The variety is called Polestar, and I am growing them again because they produced such a bountiful harvest last year and I was thrilled with them.

The rhubarb crown in the pot by the rabbit hutch has grown again this year, although I am told that the rhubarb can't be cut for eating this year.  It's too young a plant.

And the mint.  The FH was given a piece of a mint plant last year.  He planted it in a bucket to contain the roots, and it didn't look anything all winter, so he is pleased as punch that it is looking so healthy this springtime, and it seems to grow by the day!

The FH came to church this morning for the first time since January and the folk were very kind and pleased to see him after so long.  He enjoyed seeing them, and catching up on some of their news.  Our steward was ill today, so we had to pitch in and help with some tasks, but all went well.  

I've had a good day in the garden, pricked out some lettuce seedlings and potted up those pepper plants.  All the seeds and seedlings have been watered and I was very happy to see that the peas and beans which UJ sowed directly into the ground are just peeking through the soil now.  I just hope the local pigeons don't spot them...This afternoon, I have also inventoried my storecupboard although I wilted at the thought of doing the freezers as well.

We have just eaten, and now I am going to watch some of Countryfile whilst I do the school ironing.  I hope you have had a peaceful and restful weekend.  Thanks for visiting x

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The Squirrel Family said...

We are trying polestar this year , good to hear you like it . we will start ours outdoors hopefully soon :)