Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Another busy day

And I didn't take any photos this time!

Today I have been like a little whirlwind of activity:

  • mowing the front lawn
  • sorting the spare room and finding four more bags of donations for the charity shop collectors coming round tomorrow.  These collectors are actually collecting items to sell in a shop in the local town for the benefit of local people, so they are getting everything I can possibly "release" from here.  I have packed up a lot of my old, too-big clothes, as well as items I have been keeping from when the girls were smaller!  Time to let go...
  • digging over another of the vegetable beds out the back
  • general chook care, rabbit care and some garden tidying. Four more GPO eggs in the box for the incubator, so I have 8 now.  If they continue at this rate, I will have enough to get the incubator started up at the weekend ready to set them on Monday or Tuesday if it holds the temperature accurately.
  • washing and hanging out, and bringing in, four loads of laundry - sun and wind today mean that it all got dry in the fresh air and smells lovely!
  • the FH went out to the lunch club, so I bustled about and cleaned the sitting room, including the fireplace, whilst he was gone.
  • finished the fifth hat last night, so cast on the sixth in one of my tea breaks...
  • didn't get the parcels posted off yet [sorry, ladies] but have got the items ready and all addresses are in.  
  • placed an Approved Food order this morning, and cashed in my credit from the last order where a couple of things weren't available.
  • took the "class test" from the BBC news website - what a laugh!  It reckons I am "established middle class" - my, how things change.  I come from a line of agricultural workers, with some bakers, a miner, some domestic servants and cleaners, and more recently, bus drivers.  I was the first in my mother's side of the family to get a university education, I know, but I would have thought we were more working class.  
The weather has been lovely again today, and it has been a pleasure to be outside and doing things again.  I am hoping for more bright and breezy days like this.  The girls have been for a bike ride down the village to see a friend and to take her little girl to the park.  They may have scored a babysitting job as well!  Both of them have got quite a lot of homework to do over the holiday so they are doing well to balance getting fresh air and exercise with keeping up to date with the work.  The YFG has made some brownies this afternoon, and the EFG has made fudge to take to the friend's house this morning so they have been busy in the kitchen today as well.  

Tomorrow will be less busy as I need to pop into town in the morning and then in the afternoon I will be helping to run a club at the chapel for a couple of hours so I will be getting some knitting done in between making cups of tea for the folk.  I hope to get the parcels in the post tomorrow as well...

And another thing: hardly a penny spent today, either!  The FH took some eggs to the lunch club and sold them, so that was £2 in, and then he chased a chap for £4.50 which he owed me for some fish and chips [which I had written off as a bad job], so although he paid £3.50 for his lunch, we still came out up for the day!

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