Thursday, 4 April 2013

Quiet day

A little more sedate today, but I am tired now and will just summarise:

  • trip to town including a visit to the library for some non-fiction for the FH, and a side trip to WHSmith to deal with his sudden desire for a copy of Old Moore's Almanac....
  • a quick stock up on some fruit and veg
  • an afternoon at the chapel making the tea and knitting whilst the ladies completed a jigsaw
  • a simple supper of cold corned beef with potatoes and veg
  • some paperwork this evening
The girls are planning a trip to the lovely cathedral city of Ely tomorrow on the bus, so they have been busy looking for bus timetables on the internet.  I will be knitting a little more at the craft club in the morning and then we have the monthly worship lunch.  After that, my time is my own until Sunday morning when I am taking a service, which I do have to do some preparation for. The weather today has been bitterly cold here, much worse than yesterday, so we are all looking forward to the predicted high pressure coming in over the weekend and letting us feel the effect of the sun - Please!

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saving for travel said...

I hope you have good weather this weekend and enjoy 'your' time.

Sft x