Sunday, 14 April 2013

Day of rest?

Super Sundays used to happen here all the time, when I would whizz around and get no end of things done, but then I started to slow down a little on a Sunday, and do a little less.  Today I got back into the groove of the Super Sunday and more got done!

To summarise:

  • Chapel this morning - just me, whilst everyone else slept, although the YFG was doing French home work when I came home
  • I helped the YFG with some Maths homework - factorising - not my favourite!
  • Lunch happened at some point...
  • A spot of knitting - I finished the 7th hat and cast on the 8th!
  • I sowed some seeds (tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, several kinds of beans, courgettes) whilst the FH dozed in the verandah - not much company!  It was comfortably warm out there though and quite pleasant in the sun.  Good for him to get some fresh air.
  • The girls went for a bike ride, with a friend's family.  One of them was riding a horse, though, and the EFG came back with her eyes streaming and puffy and so we had to make a dash to Tesco for some Piriton as we had run out.  We made it just in time, and gave her a dose in the car park, which quickly took effect.  Her right eye is still a little bloodshot but not stinging as much.
  • I cooked the tea....and then washed up and the YFG made a couple of cakes.
  • I've watched The Village tonight with the FH and sat and thought about 30 ways we save £1 after I was alerted to the theme from Ilona's blog.  I have 30 but they are fairly heavy going in the detail I have given, so you'll probably only get 10 at a time over a few days!
Unfortunately the heap of ironing will still be here in the morning, but I have to attack it then as we are going to UJ's house tomorrow and he is coming here to look after the girls for the night.  We have to be at Papworth at 8.30am on Tuesday so we are house-swapping again and he really doesn't want to have to look at my ironing pile!

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Trudie said...

Good luck with the ironing pile and Papworth xxx