Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Eye on the ball!

The budget seems to have been bust again this weekend with the FH going into hospital.  It came just when the cash flow for the month was at its worst, and we had a small amount to last us until this coming Friday.  Having spent £10 on car parking already, and more on topping up the tank with diesel, what was going to be a frugal week or so has become an impossible week!  I have had to "borrow" some cash from the savings account to see us through to the pay day on Friday.

(image from wikipedia.org)

Today I have to take the EFG to an appointment at a different hospital, and we are going to co-ordinate that trip with the last holiday treat of a cinema visit to see The Host, which the EFG and I have both read and enjoyed.  Thank goodness for Clubcard vouchers!  We probably won't see the FH today but will visit him tomorrow afternoon after the gym club.  We will be doing gym 10-2 for the rest of the week, so our time is going to be pretty much tied up with the FH and gym, hence the cinema trip today.  We will be taking our own drinks and snacks...

This morning we have to nip into town to help the Head Coach to set up the gym ready for tomorrow so I have to get people moving....see you later x


Wannabe Sybil said...

hugs and prayers with you - hang in there! WS xxx Also have a marvellous time at the cinema. you need to recharge to keep going.

saving for travel said...

Enjoy the treat-Clubcard vouchers to the rescue!

Sft x