Thursday, 11 April 2013

Hospital update

Getting back into the swing of early mornings hit me hard yesterday but we were up and out by 9.30am to get to the gym for 10am.  It was an interesting day as I had no idea which of the gymnasts were due to come to the holiday club - it had been a while since they had paid their money and I had not kept the overall list of the participants so it was a bit of a surprise to get there and see who was there.  Most of the children are quite young and there aren't many of the competition squad there, so we are enjoying some fairly low level fun this week.  They are all being challenged to learn something new, but for the sake of my tired brain, I am quite glad that it is all well within my comfort zone!  The YFG managed to strike her foot to a partner's nose when they were doing some acrobatic partner work and the sight of the resulting blood from his nose was almost too much for me - thankfully, he is 16 and I was able to send him off to the loos to clean up on his own!

We left the gym at 2pm and had a couple of girls to deposit at their homes around the town, and then we left to go to the hospital.  We made good time and arrived in the ward at about 3.05pm, just in time to see the FH whisked off in a wheelchair for a scan at 3.15pm, so we sat and waited upon his return.  I knitted some more of my latest hat, and the girls were reading....and we waited.  He was brought back at 4pm, just as visiting time ended, so we sneaked in a further 15 minutes of chatting and arranging the things we had brought for him, and then we left before they asked us to leave!  The other chaps in the bay had settled into their "my visitors have gone" routines, reading and listening to music, and we didn't want to be a disturbance to their rest, as I know that visitors can be tiring.

UJ was here when we got home, so we were able to catch up with the village news and his news, and he told us about the lunch club.  Cooking tea and doing the FH's washing took up some more of the evening, and then we watched a little tv, I did a few more rows of knitting, and that was that - I had had enough and was definitely ready for my bed!  

The FH's sister called last night, and has arranged to visit him this afternoon, so we won't go straight to the hospital after the gym today, which is probably a good idea - I think I could do with a rest!  We are going to come home and gather ourselves today before we go over there this evening.  His cousin will be going tomorrow afternoon so we can do the same again then, if we visit tomorrow - we may have a day off.  We are still hoping for discharge before the weekend, but there was no talk of it yesterday so we will have to keep hoping!

Thank you for your continuing thoughts and prayers - your support is very welcome xx


Wannabe Sybil said...

Thoughts and prayers continuing - take care of yourself! WS xxx

Ciao said...

Hope FH will soon be back home and improving. Been to Tescos and Aldi this morning, still freezing up here in the north wishing the warm weather would start. No doubt as soon as the kids go back to school it will,
Love xx