Sunday, 7 April 2013

A Springtime Sunday

Flowers for my mum's birthday - she would have been 72 today and is very much missed, especially at times like these.  

A swan on the gravel pit lake - I went for a bike ride with the EFG and found parts of the village I had never visited before - quite an eye opener!  

Our cat, Shadow, rolling around in the dirt that used to be our back lawn.  Typical that the weeds are growing back but hardly a blade of grass has come through yet!

We went to chapel this morning, then pottered around for some time.  We had to do a little shopping this afternoon, and then I did some kitchen spring cleaning.  The bike ride was fun and it was good to be outside in the fresh air and sun.  

The FH's cousin and his family visited the FH this afternoon, and let me know that he is in better spirits today, thank goodness.  We are looking forward to seeing him tomorrow and finding out what treatment the doctors at Papworth have recommended.  

Thank you for your comments, and welcome to our new follower!

Off to bed now with a book x


Ciao said...

Dear Morgan, thank-you for my gifts they are already in use, and funnily enough I was just about to start on a hat but will use your pattern instead of the one I got off the NET. The bag has knitting wool and other stuff in. I have not done any knitting for about 30 years but still had needles stashed away, and thanks to Aldi's "special" of knitting wool a few weeks ago have quite a selection of scarves made. 2 have been snapped up by my granddaughters ages 6 & 8.
I do hope the FH will soon be better and will keep you all in my prayers,
God Bless xx

Wannabe Sybil said...

Sending hugs and prayers. Your Shadow looks like our old malevolent cat that was also called Shadow, but nicer. Take care of yourself. WS xxx

saving for travel said...

Love the flowers for your Mum..

Sft x