Friday, 12 April 2013

Frugal trousers

I was reading one of my collection of three Tightwad Gazette compilations today and saw the article which Amy D wrote about her three year "sneaker" plan, and there was a reference to her three year "Blue Jean" plan as well, which made me think about my current trousers!

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Since I lost weight, I haven't replaced too many of my trousers at all.  I took great pleasure in chucking out a lot of size 18 clothes to the charity shops this year, and the budget and savings has not allowed for replacing them all - and actually, I am not feeling the need at the moment.  I am sure that I will find a few more pairs in the coming months, but at the moment, I am using an arrangement similar to the AD plan!

Whenever I need to look smart, I have two pairs of identical black trousers from Tesco, which were about £6 each.  They wash and dry extremely quickly, and look the part with a smart blouse or top.  They are fine for preaching and church, and important school meetings.

  F&F Smart trouser
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When I am out and about and looking generally tidy, I have two identical pairs of blue bootcut jeans from Tesco, at £10 a pair.  They wear well, are very comfortable and are good with my walking boots.

F&F Mid Wash Bootcut Jeans
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If I am at home, doing the chores, cleaning out the chooks, doing housework or stuff like that, I have a couple of pairs of old Mackays yoga pants - and they are getting scruffy and faded, but they are doing their part in the scheme to keep the jeans presentable for going out!  They are definitely not to be seen in public, though...

The drawback to this plan is that I am sure people wouldn't realise that I have two pairs of the black trousers and the jeans, and they will think I am wearing the same pair again and again....I wash them regularly, I promise!  When I get some time, I am going to have a rummage in the local charity shops and see if I can find some more to extend my collection a little, especially as the weather gets warmer.  But there is no rush.


Bryallen said...

I think I have the same pair of Tesco jeans but I won't be buying them again. I pretty much live in jeans over the winter so they do get a pretty hard life, but a pair of jeans will normally last me a couple of years. I bought some jeans from Tesco in September and they're already worn out! The denim is not as thick as those from more expensive shops.

They're pretty comfy and cheap for the occasional jean wearer though.

Morgan said...

I agree that they are not the thickest of jeans - you are quite right. In my current situation of hoping to lose a little more weight, though, they are costly enough and I won't feel too guilty at passing them on if they have any life left in them when I have shrunk my way out of them!

Lesley said...

I think we have the same pair of Tesco smart trousers! They are very useful for meetings etc and seem to wash well. I also live in jeans, but I don't get on very well with the value ones as they don't fit me! I either buy the slightly more expensive ones or troll the charity shops. I am trying to lose weight at the moment and am "between sizes" which is a little frustrating!

Morgan said...

These aren't value ones although they are cheap-ish. The value ones for sale locally here are only £5 and they are not that nice. The ones I bought fit me well, which I was pleased about as I have a small waist for my size and always find that trousers gape terribly at the back, so the way these fit has been a bonus. I know what you mean about being between sizes as the ones I have are 16 and are getting a little large, but I am not sure O would fit into the 14s yet!

Laura // No More Spending said...

I only wear jeans and black trousers too. I get my jeans from Next (about £20) they fit my body shape well and last me 3-4 years.

Donna said...


Well done on your weight loss. Have you any tips? I am at my heaviest at the moment and don't know where to start!! I don't want to 'diet' as it makes me feel depressed.