Friday, 1 March 2013

March's Challenge

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This month, my challenge is to take a leaf from several of your books and really get to grips with batch cooking.  I know some of you are excellent at this (Elaine at MFin3, Froogs and Sue in particular) and I am just not yet quite into it!

I know it would save me money, save me time and save me energy, so I just have to bite the bullet and DO it!

Can anyone recommend any really good recipes for this?  I am thinking of making a lot of a basic mince mixture that I could use for lasagne, for spaghetti bolognese and for cottage pie.  I think that would be a start, but I also think I need more variety and probably more vegetarian ideas.  Don't say quiche, please, as the last load of those I made went terribly soggy.......All other ideas welcome!


SarahElisabeth said...

This will be interesting. I'm always meaning to do batch cooking too. Any tips will be good-it seems to take me all afternoon to cook for a couple of days!

Emma Watts said...

Hi Morgan
These are the usual things that I store away in my freezer.
Lasagne, Boli Sauce and Chilli as you've suggested. I add loads of veg and pulses to bulk out.
Veg Chilli and Curries are also fine
Spinach and Ricotta Lasagna also Ravilos
Dahl and Rice with Saag Aloo
All manor of casseroles
Froogs Faggots
Homemade Soups
Homemade uncooked pies such as Leek and Potato or Sausagement and Egg
Whole Chicken poached in slow cooker with veg, stripped down to serve as casserole, pie filling or soup

I'd be very interested to see ideas from others to increase my repertoire as well

SJE said...


I always make a load of faggots and keep them in portioned bags in the freezer. They are on Frugal Queens blog as mentioned above by Emma. I love them! I am also going to try to make a load of pizzas and freeze them too. Have made pasties and they freeze well. Growing in the fens blog has a selection of pies she has made using minced beef, steak and chicken and they look superb.
Keep us updated.

Sarah x

Frantic's Antics said...

I bought a copy of Economy Gastronomy because I liked the idea of turning a basic recipe into several different meals. I now adapt the recipes so they are truly frugal and they are super. Cook once eat thrice! Lots of the recipes are on the tinterweb if you google xx

Angela said...

I do Froogs Faggots in Foil dishes
I make huge casseroles and freeze in smaller portions
Ditto home made soup
I find that a basic mince is always useful - I get it out to thaw in fridge night before, then the following evening T decide on how to serve [with pasta/mashed topping/in a pie/with cobbler topping or dumplings/with rice or couscous]
Just freezing it as mince is a better use of space for my small freezer rather than fully made-up dishes.
And keep a list somewhere of what you make, and CROSS IT OFF when you eat it.