Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A good day

Welcome to my two new followers who slipped in over the last few days - you are very welcome!

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We have had a busy day, and one full of achievements for the FH.  We started with a trip to the doctor this morning, who informed us that he is off to Ethiopia for three weeks, just after Easter, and gave us advice about which locum to see in his absence.  I'm afraid that Ethiopia doesn't strike me as a top ten holiday destination, but given that I have been out of the UK only twice, what do I know?  The doctor took blood and looked at the swelling leg, listened to the FH's lungs and thought that he looked better than he had on Monday.  He is right - two days of antibiotics have made a difference.

I then took the FH to the Wednesday dinner club, which he has been missing.  He enjoyed a very small portion of roast pork and trimmings, followed by fruit flan, and caught up with some of his friends.  It was lovely to see them all welcoming him back, and being so happy to see him after nearly two months.  He definitely enjoyed that.

A quick sit down, and then we were off again to the local cottage hospital to meet the Anticoagulation Nursing Team, to get him started on the Warfarin.  His blood was tested, we were given lots of instructions by three very nice nurses, and started on the tablets from tonight.  He will be reviewed in a week to see how the tablets are working.

Then we nipped into town.  My sister had sent the girls a cheque each for Easter in lieu of an egg (very sensible!) and I put those into the bank, and sorted out my ISA.  The Frugal Graduate has a good post today about ISAs and it prompted me to check the rate on my Instant Access ISA.  I discovered that two days after I transferred the money into that ISA in February, they closed it to new applicants and offered a new ISA product, with the same name, but the second generation of the product, with a 0.25% hike in the rate, so I got my money moved over to the new product this afternoon - the more in my bank account instead of the building society's account, the better!

And tonight, I have been to a Governor Training session at the school.  Very interesting and very challenging, and made us really consider lots of things, and made me think about the questions Ofsted might ask next time they come calling, and whether I will be prepared.  Last time they came, I felt very nervous because it was the first time I had had to deal with them, and can't really remember much about the interview at all!  They are due this year some time so it is best to be prepared, so I have things to think about.  I know that I shouldn't bake when Ofsted are here as last time I baked a cake and then found most of the flour still in the weighing scale pan...

Off to do some more knitting and have a cuppa before bed.

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