Friday, 8 March 2013

Finances improve!

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With all the bills rapidly draining money from our account, we had just £108 left to see us through to next Friday, and that was going to be a struggle.  Both cars need some fuel, so I had thought about which to use the most, and the fresh fruit/veg/fridge categories have been looking a bit lean in the kitchen these past couple of days.

There is money in the savings pot, we are not on our uppers, but the point of my savings strategy has been to put savings away first, and then live on the rest, rather than spending first and saving what was left over - that way hardly ever effects strong savings.  So the savings had been stashed from last month, and my personal focus has been to really try NOT to pull money out of savings unless I absolutely have to.  

So, as I have said, there has been the oil, the glasses, the boiler service, and then there was a £220-odd bill for work done on the car.  That needs to be paid this month, although it is not urgent.

The situation improved yesterday because I sold some books from my stash in the garage left over from my bookselling days.  About £300 of books have found new homes - actually the RRP of the books was probably twice that, but I was getting shot of them and let people have them at good discounts, and they really took advantage of the offers and loaded up!  I was really pleased to come home with two empty boxes and some cash/cheques.  Some of the money will go into the bank, but about £100 will stay in my purse to fill the car up with diesel this weekend, and to buy next week's groceries.  That £108 can sit in the bank and wait for some more to come and join it....

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