Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sleepy weekend!

I have spent a couple of hours asleep each afternoon this weekend, and really felt the need of it.  I have some tingling sensations going on near one of my shoulder blades, and based on some old wives' tales I have heard from ladies in the church this morning,  I wouldn't be surprised to develop shingles this week or next.  T'would be the icing on the cake brought on by what have amounted to two quite stressful and tiring months, and the rest it would enforce is probably necessary.......but it will be blinking inconvenient if that truly is what it turns out to be.  There is no rash there at the moment, despite constant checking by the girls and the FH - I can't see the area which is tingling!

There was Comic Relief on Friday.  The girls contributed in small ways through school fundraising, and then we made a family donation online.  I just couldn't not make some contribution to the malaria nets or the vaccination programmes in Africa, or the support for the vulnerable in this country.  The stories were heart-rending, and I hope that the fantastic amount raised really has an impact on the needs of all those people.  The school in the village dressed up in 80s gear for the day and the outfits were sensational - I was so impressed when I went in for a look around and to attend assembly.

Yesterday afternoon, the YFG cooked risotto rather well, which I woke up just in time to eat, and today we have had sausages, which weren't on the plan, but that meal was driven by the FH rather fancying sausage and mash for his tea, so that is what I made!  For me, there was some leftover risotto and some sweet and sour chicken from the freezer.

And the budget busting I mentioned on Friday.....the EFG's bike has had to be repaired, at the bike shop, at a cost of just under £60, which is well worth it, if it will help her to get some exercise.  The other problem is that the tv in the sitting room is dying slowly. Some days the remote control doesn't work, most days the DVD player won't work, and so we are beginning to research replacements but I have it on my list to look for a local TV repairman as well, as I would rather repair than replace.  I am really trying not to contribute to landfill if I possibly can.

Dentist tomorrow - what joy!


Frugal in Bucks said...

Oh I hope it's not shingles you poor thing. You must have needed the rest. I sometimes have a snooze in the afternoon. Finger crossed for you.

Sarah x

Angela said...

Praying there is some sunshine for you soon- sounds like the list of impending problems is awfully long right now. Love and blessings xx

The Squirrel Family said...

ouch I really hope its not shingles, I had it in september.....and october and november :(

I believe shingles normally appears on the back about half way down(almost near kidneys) but mine was cranial (head) shingles so not an expert. i would get to docs quick if you seriously think thats what it is as the earlier you take the antivirals the quicker the recovery

Any chance its a reaction to something your using(change of washpowder etc) either wayhope you feel better soon

Wannabe Sybil said...

Hugs - stress caused shingles for me, and the problem for me was the viral and post viral exhaustion that goes with it (I had a mild case, they do exist). I suspect your body is saying that it is feeling the strain. May just be trapped nerve? Regardless, my opinion, such as it is, is that if you don't look after yourself then soon you will not be able to look after anyone else. I also know how hard it is to juggle everything, and how difficult it is to nurture yourself. So I am sending a lorry load of hugs and you are in my prayers. WS xxx