Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Sausage plait thoughts

Or "how times change" could be an alternative title for this post!

My original photo from the post in January 09 - now used elsewhere by others as well to show the recipe!  Glad they gave me the credit and a kind link back to my post as well.  Thanks, ladies :)

We used to eat sausage plait once or twice a month, and the post I wrote about it on here remains my most popular post, for some reason, but actually, we don't eat it any longer.  The fat content of the pastry and the sausagemeat combined is too high, so we no longer have it on the menu.  Given that I am losing weight (down to 10st 4lbs now, most of the time - another 4lbs to go to my personal target, and then see what happens) and the EFG is seriously working on it, and the FH is having terrible digestive problems with all the medications he is on, we are quite careful these days to limit fat as much as we can.

Our menu for this week is going to have to undergo a little rethink, as the FH's digestion seems unable to cope with anything other than the plainest of fare, and I think he is going to have to have a low-fibre diet for a while; last night's meatballs in tomato sauce were a touch too spicy, it seems...leave it with me whilst I mull it over and do the ironing, and I will try to come up with a plan later.

The sleepiness continues - I had a couple of hours on the sofa last night, hardly remember having a bath and getting into bed, but was asleep again by 10.15pm and then struggled out of bed at 7.30am.  The verdict from the doctor is inconclusive - probably not shingles but to go back if a rash does occur, and the tingling is subsiding slowly.  I need something to give me a boost somehow!

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