Thursday, 28 March 2013

My top ten

For a bit of fun!

My Dashboard says that the top ten countries this month that people have viewed this blog from are:

(image from wikipedia)


(image from wikipedia)


(image from wikipedia)

(image from

(image from wikipedia)

(image from


(image from wikipedia)


(image from wikipedia)


(image from wikipedia)

and Sweden

(image from wikipedia)

Thank you all for visiting - it would be amazing to get a wave/comment from each of these countries this weekend - we have had lots from the UK already, so could the rest of you just come and say "Hello" or "Guten Tag!" "Bonjour" - greet us in your language if it is not English!


Cheapchick said...

Hello from Canada, Eh! Reading from Comox on the West Coast of Canada on Vancouver Island

Mac n' Janet said...

Stopped by from Georgia in the USA to say Hi!

judes07 said...

G'day mate from Australia :)

Morgan said...

Wow - thanks, guys!

Good morning to you all from the UK. It is cold and dry here today and the sun is just beginning to appear through the clouds!

Hope you all have/have had a great day xx

Bryallen said...

I'm from the UK, specifically Cornwall, so you can have a "Dydh da" from me!

ukcitycrafter said...

Bore da - not that I'm Welsh but it makes a change from Good Morning from England!