Thursday, 28 February 2013

Health progress

School meeting beckoning yesterday morning, I asked the FH whether he would like to stay in bed until I returned at lunch time, or would he prefer to get up and sit by the fire for the morning whilst I was out?  Doing the stairs on his own is not on at the moment, so he either has to be up or down!  He decided to have a bath, put on some day clothes, and get up - the first time he has been properly dressed in over three weeks, and the first time he has come down as early as 9.30am since he came home.

I think we are making progress.

Granted, he sat in the chair all day, and just kept the fire going, and watched tv, but he was up.  The YFG was at home with him yesterday morning whilst I was out as she had a temperature and wasn't feeling great, so he had some company.  In the afternoon, UJ was here after going to the lunch club, and then a chap from one of the neighbouring houses popped in for a chat too.

It is looking positive at the moment - prayers and fingers crossed [according to preferences] that we will continue like this.  Thank you xx


Wannabe Sybil said...

Such good news! Prayers continuing WS xxxx

Angela said...

Great news- continue to pray for you xx

Rainbowchild said...

So pleased to hear he is doing so well. x

Lesley said...

I am so glad that he is improving!