Thursday, 21 March 2013

Little old me

You've been saying it, and I have been listening, but today is probably the first time I have had the opportunity to spend any amount of time relaxing and not thinking about the FH and all his problems and concerns.  I have acquired the right medication for him today from the doctor and he has taken the first dose from the pack, so we are hoping that he will begin to make a better rate of improvement soon.

This afternoon I spent a whole two hours with four other ladies at the chapel.  Three were doing a jigsaw of the Queen Mother, one was chatting to them whilst they did it, and I was knitting away and just listening.  It was a jigsaw of this portrait commemorating her birthday when she was 80. 

(image from

This evening I have taken the YFG to school where she and the village school choir have participated in a local schools' concert - and it has been amazing!  Each local primary school had a slot, and then the secondary school had a slot, and then they all performed a medley together - and it was great.  I sat there with my sister on one side of me and my school headteacher on the other side and we were all beaming away at the children.  It has been a thoroughly enjoyable evening, and very relaxing to be out of the house and away from worries for just a little while.  Huge thanks are due to the local Rotary Club for sponsoring the event and organising it.  They do it every year and it is always lovely.

Gymnastics ends for Easter this weekend, and I confess to be looking forward to a few nights off from that.  So little of my time feels like it is really my own that it is nice to have fewer commitments for a little while.


Wannabe Sybil said...

You sound so relaxed, and everything crossed for FH! hugs and prayers WS xxx

Frugal in Bucks said...

I'm so pleased you had a little time to chill out today and like you say, get out of the house.

Much love. X

Lesley said...

I hope that you have some time for yourself over the Easter break. Love and prayers, Lesley x