Friday, 15 March 2013

End of the week menu update

  • Shepherd's pie - and I will make more of the base mix of mince and freeze the extra
  • Soup (probably the leek and potato from the freezer) followed by a hot pudding, probably a fruit crumble
  • Carrot and Coriander falafels 
  • Frozen cod loins with veg and maybe a cheese or parsley sauce
  • Vegetable risotto (I know - again!  Different veg makes it a different dish every time, though, and it is great for using up all the bits and pieces!)
  • Baked potatoes with baked beans/cheese/tuna etc - people can choose their toppings.
Those were the meals planned for the week......

The shepherd's pie became spaghetti bolognese last night when a meeting had to be attended at short notice, but the good news is that I added so many veggies to the mixture that we have half of it left for today - it seemed easier to keep it in the fridge and eat again today rather than freeze that and have to sort something else out for tonight after gym.  

We haven't had the soup yet, nor the falafels....

The cod was enjoyed on Wednesday with new potatoes, peas and broccoli but I was disappointed with the way the frozen fish shrank - there were four pieces in the box but three of us easily ate them between us!

The vegetable risotto hasn't been eaten yet either!

The baked potatoes were on the menu for Tuesday evening when the girls cooked whilst I was at gym and the FH reports a tasty meal was enjoyed.  Monday's pasta with the gammon was also rather good and would be lovely again, so we'll keep that in mind for gammon leftovers in the future.

With the mince on the menu tonight, we will probably have the soup and pudding tomorrow before we attend a party, and the falafels on Sunday.

This planning has helped to stretch the budget, which is under attack yet again........more on that another day!

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