Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Breaking and entering

Frugal husbands come in very handy!  If the FH hadn't known what to do tonight, I think I might have panicked a little and spent money...

The EFG managed to get stuck in the bathroom - the catch on the door is dodgy and the YFG has had the foresight to put a large notice on the door, reminding people not to shut the door, because "even Dr Who won't get you out" she says!  He's her hero.

So, reclining by the fire, the FH first instructed me to take the screws out of the door handle, and we passed a flat knife under the door so that the EFG could do the same from the other side, but that was no use.  He then decided that he probably ought to come and have a look, whereupon I was asked to fetch a couple more knives and a rolling pin.

(image from ikea.com)

He managed to use the rolling pin as a hammer to push the blade of the knife through the doorstop in order to push the catch out of the way in order that the door might open.  A couple of hefty bangs and the door swung open - thank goodness!  

A very valuable lesson tonight for we three girls in how to rescue someone from a room when the handle won't operate the catch on the door - and all for free!

In other news today, I managed to find a ball of quite chunky wool reduced to 50p so I thought I would give that a go with bigger needles and see if it made a slightly bigger hat which would fit me, perhaps, more snugly than the original two I have made so far.  I would like to make one for myself, but the original pattern feels a bit short - I prefer them to come down a little further over my ears.  That might be a project for the weekend.  The largest needles I have are 6.5mm so I will be trying those out; they are bamboo and I haven't used any of my bamboo needles yet, so that will be a new experience for me.

(image from guardian .co.uk)

A quick heads-up for Lidl shoppers - they are offering another voucher for £5 when you spend £35 when you like their Facebook page.  It is downloadable now, and valid from Thursday until Saturday, so quite a narrow window of opportunity for this one.  Worth a look, though.

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