Monday, 4 March 2013

Small beginnings

I have made a start to the freezing ahead of meals - I peeled what felt like a mountain of potatoes last night [but was only about 4kg] and chopped lots of leeks and made a jam pan full of leek and potato soup.  It cooled overnight and is waiting to be blitzed with the stick blender and portioned up in to containers for the freezer - I may get a portion for my lunch before it is all stashed away.

We have had a busy weekend with one thing and another, and I confess to feeling quite tired today.  I am pottering about, quite slowly, and enjoying going outside occasionally to hang washing, so that I can recharge my batteries in the glorious sunshine we are having here today.  It is quite wonderful - and it makes me feel so much better!

The FH continues as he is - we are going to UJ's house tomorrow ready for the last leg of the journey to Papworth early on Wednesday morning.  We are both looking forward to going, so that we can find out more about the whole situation.  UJ will be here with the girls for us - we are so lucky to have him.

Saturday was the 15th anniversary of the day we buried my mother, and it was not as bad as I would have expected it to be.  I don't only remember my mother on these anniversaries - I think of her every day, several times a day - and sometimes the anniversary of her death passes by without me marking it particularly.  I don't feel that I am doing her any dishonour by not making a song and dance out of it, as we think of her and remember her so much with love and affection.  My sister seems to feel perturbed that I didn't make more of it, but I think that Mum would have wanted us to get on with our lives and look forward, rather than wallowing in the past.  I had several years of horrible depression after she died, because I did do rather too much thinking about the past, and I prefer to remember and then move on.  This time of year used to be especially hard for us because she died in February, Mothering Sunday falls in March, and then her birthday is in April.  

Going outside with another basket of washing for another recharge in the sun - hope you all have a great day, wherever you are - and a very warm welcome to the latest Follower - do say Hello one day!


Wannabe Sybil said...

It is hard when you remember loved ones, but I think that they are never truly gone while they are still in someone's heart. That sounds a bit sickly, but it's like Sir Terry Pratchett said, no-one's dead while their name is still spoken. hugs. Also impressed at batch freezing! WS xxx

rabbitquilter said...

Just to say that thoughts will be with you and FH tomorrow, hope for better news. Yes, isn't it lovely to see the sunshine, my washing is out also!! The birds are singing their little hearts out too!! Kind regards, Heather