Monday, 11 March 2013

Meal planning for this week

I'm not going to assign a particular meal to each day this week, but just list the meals that I know I have the food in the house with which to make the meals.

I need to use up some gammon left from yesterday, so a pasta dish with that included will kick us off.

Other meals are going to include:

  • Shepherd's pie - and I will make more of the base mix of mince and freeze the extra
  • Soup (probably the leek and potato from the freezer) followed by a hot pudding, probably a fruit crumble
  • Carrot and Coriander falafels 
  • Frozen cod loins with veg and maybe a cheese or parsley sauce
  • Vegetable risotto (I know - again!  Different veg makes it a different dish every time, though, and it is great for using up all the bits and pieces!)
  • Baked potatoes with baked beans/cheese/tuna etc - people can choose their toppings.
I think that makes three vegetable based meals, so we're off to a decent start!

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saving for travel said...

Yes you are. Super planning.

Sft x