Friday, 29 March 2013

Richard Griffiths RIP

Richard Griffiths
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The lovely Richard Griffiths died today, the BBC news has reported tonight. 

He first came to my attention as the lovable character of Henry Crabbe in the detective/chef series "Pie in the Sky" which we used to watch each week.  He was great in that.

The girls have got to know him as Uncle Vernon in the Harry Potter films, and they have admired his acting, even though the character was a "baddie" in the films!

That doesn't begin to touch on his varied career, but those are the characters in which we knew him best.


Angela said...

I loved him in Pie In The Sky

Before that there was also a programme where he was a computer geek , it was set in Brighton. Cant remember the title.

The History Boys was clever too.

very sad ...

Rainbowchild said...

I too knew him from Pie in the Sky but really enjoyed him in the History Boys, he played the part so well.