Monday, 25 March 2013

Catching up

The first knitted hat I ever made - so pleased to have achieved it!  And I finished another one today...
They are for the Operation Christmas Child boxes which we send from the chapel knitting club ladies, as last year the boxes were low on hats, so a couple of us have got started early this time.  This is such a simple pattern, rather like the scarf I knitted at Christmas last year for my dad and then for myself.  The beauty of this pattern is that the hats come out so stretchy that they will fit lots of different sized heads!

We spent some time watching tv on Sunday, so whilst I was watching tv, I knitted for a while, and then I ironed the laundry too.  I wasn't up for anything strenuous as I had walked to and from chapel in the morning.  Our designated preacher for the day had had a conversation with our steward early in the morning and the upshot was that the preacher was not going to make her way here through the snow, so the steward rang to tell me that we would have to bodge a service together when we got there.....Not on Palm Sunday, I said!  I knew a friend had prepared a service to take elsewhere, so I texted her and explained our predicament, and she very kindly emailed the service for me to deliver.  It was very kind of her, and the congregation was very thankful.

Gymnastics has finished for the Easter break, although we are going to do a holiday club the second week of the school holidays.  I am glad to get a break from going out in the evenings so much; it gives me a little more time to be at home.  This week I am quite busy with school meetings anyway, so I am glad of one less demand on my time.

I took the FH to the doctor this morning because his cough has just got worse over the course of the week, and last night his left leg and foot swelled up quite badly so we were a little worried that he was taking on water again.  I really worry that these little chest infections could lead to pneumonia again so easily, so we are being quite vigilant about seeking advice.  The FH is now on some antibiotics for the chest, and we have instructions to carry on with the maximum dose of the water tablets.  He has to go to the anti-coagulation clinic this week for his first instructions about taking Warfarin......another pill to add to the arsenal he is already using to fight the war!

And tonight's tea has been a re hash of two earlier meals - the EFG and I had a cold meal of chicken left over from the roast yesterday with salad and a bagel for her, and then the YFG and the FH had a meat pie that I made with some beef that I had casseroled on Saturday.  A quick pastry cover and it soon became a new meal - and they both enjoyed it.

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