Wednesday, 13 March 2013

In Royal Company

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The Queen, bless her, has been in the news lately for having been admitted to hospital with gastroenteritis.  It seems that the FH has had a touch of that too last night, according to the doctor, who popped in to see him tonight.  

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In other news, I am delighted that the Cardinals have elected their new Pope, Francis, from Argentina.  I think it will do the world a lot of good to have a strong religious voice coming from South America.  


Gill - That British Woman said...

The Queen must not be feeling very well to have taken all this time off, as she is a work horse isn't she? I so admire her strength and work ethic.
Interesting about the new Pope.

Gill in Canada

silversewer said...

May be a strong voice from Latin America but the Argentina bit worries me, he has been connected with the Junta there.

Popes are not immune to meddling in politics.

Morgan said...

Thanks - I don't know about the man himself, but I have been interested in the European-centred nature of the leadership of the Catholic church and think it will be refreshing to have some input from Latin America, where so many Catholics now are.

We have already heard about the new Archbishop of Canterbury making comments about government policies, so I think that the religious leaders of the world are becoming more vocal in lots of ways.

It would be a matter for debate as to whether people think that this kind of involvement is appropriate and right.

Welsh Poppy said...

I am very excited by our new Pope,Pope Francis will be like a breath of fresh air a very humble and holy man.

Angela said...

I was scrolling down slowly, and initially thought that was your GP waving goodbye to FH!!

Hope both FH and HM back to 100% soon

Praying that this new papal appointment will be a blessing to many