Friday, 16 July 2010

Proud mama!

One of our Dutch bantams, Leah, has successfully brought 4 GPO chicks off the nest this morning. She had 5 eggs, so she has done well. We have only glimpsed them briefly, but they are all looking hale and healthy.

The other Dutch bantam, Lana, is currently sitting on four duck eggs, so I am not sure what she will think when they come off - "What have I done?!" springs to mind! They take an extra week to hatch, but I know she has the patience to wait a little longer than usual.

I will take some photos when Leah brings her brood out to the grass in a day or two. The first big hatch are looking gorgeous now, the second hatch are out on the grass during the day but being brought in at night, and the incubators are still warming the latest lots of eggs - they are due on the 24th from one incubator and the 26th from the other so we have a while to go on both of those yet.

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