Friday, 30 July 2010

Moving house

Tonight, in the rain, we have moved some of the mini flocks of chickens into their new house! It is always easier to move them at night as they don't see very well, so they don't run around to get away from you and generally, you can just pick them off the perches and move them. It worked OK and they are installed in the new house - there is the pen of Light Sussex, the Silver Laced Wyandotte pair, the Gold Partridge Orpingtons and four Gold Laced Orpingtons as well. Another pen contains the 13 hatchlings which are now about 6 or 7 weeks old. Lancelot, the Brown Sussex cockerel, and his three wives also took up residence tonight. I'll be out there taking photos in the morning when they all come out into the runs!

I am so disappointed tonight - I took some photos today and have just come to the computer and discovered that the memory card was still in the slot in the pc and has been there all day - so the photos I took today are stuck on the camera's memory as I don't have any way of getting them off it! Shame as they were some good ones too, so I will just have to try to redo them in the morning.

This afternoon, I cleaned the lounge carpet with the "free/donated" Vax carpet cleaner. It took an hour and a bit, but it has made a difference! It didn't get every single mark out but it got a lot of general dirt out - the first time that carpet has been cleaned in six years, so there was some dust and dirt in there. I did the stairs as well - quite a workout for me, especially as I had done the Davina workout beforehand!!

I've been to the library today and picked up some Annie Sanders books ( I love "Busy Woman needs a Wife") and a couple of Jeffrey Archer novels as well. I wanted a Sidney Sheldon one called "If tomorrow comes" but it wasn't on the shelf, so I'll just keep checking for that - I had a copy years ago and loved to read it again and again, but it was given away in one of our housemoves, so I don't have it any longer! I'm off to bed now with a cup of tea, to make a start on one of the books - don't know which one yet...

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