Saturday, 24 July 2010

New kids on the block

Five are out of the incubator already this morning, and into the nursery box. There are more hatching still, so we will update when the hatch is finished.

We think that the yellow one is a Light Sussex, but until the adult feathers come through, it is a bit difficult to tell; Light Sussex is definitely dad, but mum could have been one of five LS or a Sasso or a Buff Orp cross, so we'll need to watch and wait with this one.
The others are GPOs and Brown Sussex - once they are out of the shell, it is hard to say who came out of which shell, so the feathering will sort them out as they grow!

We were meant to be at the cinema this morning, but I don't feel up to going out at the moment, so the YFG has gone with our friends, and the EFG and I will go Monday or Tuesday. The YFG joked that she wouldn't spoil it for us by telling us what happened, but we laughed and said that it wasn't a problem - we have read the book whereas she hasn't!! Hoping that having a rest this morning and generally not rushing around will mean that I feel better for this afternoon's events.

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