Sunday, 11 July 2010

Davina and friends

I have managed to do the Davina workout 5 mornings this week and I am so chuffed! Weigh day at Slimming World is tomorrow so I will be hoping that it has all done some good!! A spot of gardening now and again and some walking about also counts towards some activity merits, so that's even better. And I have tummy muscles....they ache some days, and I haven't even tried the "Bottom Fit" workout yet - the "Top Fit" involves weights, so I have ordered some from Amazon - until they get here I am using cans of grapefruit and being very careful not to lob them through the TV!! I think I will watch the bottom one this week and see how bad it looks - may have to psych myself up to it.


Poppy's Place said...

Hi Morgan, what a busy week you have had. I felt exhausted reading it! When my children were younger I used to complain the end of term was so busy. Now they're older and I'm not so involved I miss those days. Good luck at the weigh day tomorrow. I'm sure all that hard work will have been worth it. Jane xx

Morgan said...

Yes, what with all the "moving up to secondary school" stuff that has been going on as well as the usual end of term stuff, it has been very busy - not over yet though!! This week will bring another day at the "big" school and then the last half week of term has a trip to London to see "Wicked" and a school disco. Roll on the end!!!!!