Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Thunderstorms today

The latest hatch were enjoying their first day out in the big wide world, pecking away at the grass in their run. They were able to hear their bigger brothers and sisters nearby, but couldn't see them. There was no shelter in their run as it was a temporary idea, and they were coming back into their box for the night. We were sitting in the verandah enjoying a cup of tea, and then the heavens really opened - all of a sudden, there were torrents of rain - on my poor little chicks!! I went dashing out there with covers to put over the run to protect them and I ended up looking like a drowned rat!!!! Had to get changed it was so bad.

After the deluge, the sun reappeared, which was good, as I think they needed a little sunshine to dry them off. We ate our supper out under the verandah tonight, which was lovely. The chicks are now safely tucked up for the night, and I am just going out to do my rounds of all the others.

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