Monday, 12 July 2010

The joke's on him!

I had a call this afternoon on our landline from a mobile phone company representative who was calling from "3". He started asking me whether I had a PAYG phone and then how much credit I bought each month. I knew what he was up to, planning to get me to take out a contract with that company, so I hammed it up a little!!

I told him that I use about £20 worth of credit every six months (that's not so far off the mark, actually, but I do spend a little more than that) and he laughed!!! He had the cheek to laugh, and then he asked me about the kids, as he knew that there are kids in the house as one of them answered the phone and said that they would pass the phone to "Mum". He said that he was sure that the kids used their phones more than that, and I told him (tongue firmly in cheek) that no, they used a lot less than that as we all use mobile phones for emergencies only "and we don't have many of those" and the silly chap laughed again.

So I told him off!! I got on my high horse and ranted that it was because there are so many people wasting their money on rubbish like mobile phones that this country is in so much debt, to which he replied that the country is not in debt. I advised him to learn a bit more about politics and watch the news more often so he knew more about what he was talking about, and then concluded that we were both wasting our time continuing with the conversation and hung up. My friend, D, then burst out laughing, so I joined her, and we had a good laugh at him.

People like him have it tough. He is only doing his job, and he wants to do it well to sign up as many new customers as possible so that he keeps his job, which is important in a difficult economic period like this. I do understand that - BUT he laughed at me for being careful with my finances, and I will not have that.


Greentwinsmummy said...

Oh good for you! I apprecate hes only dong his job but I know from having telephone cold calling here grrr from BT as to why?? & they are incredulous! dont I subscribe to their Vision television serivce,I barely watch it I reply,there is no need for me to have the service you are offering....One chap even said he didnt believe me & everyone watched soaps, I dont I replied I listen to one on the radio thankyou he then retorted that I must watch sport as according to hm everyone watches that as well.......I said its best to end this call before you are hinting I am a liar isnt it....
GTM x x x

eeuwwch my word verification is deadd! yeeargg! scary1 lol!!!

Greentwinsmummy said...

Morgan on the GPOs which sex get the dark splot on the head? one has developed one,2 havent.....!
GTM xx x

Morgan said...

Can't say I have noticed on mine - they are not auto-sexing so haven't been looking for spots and splodges!! The male bird's plumage changes from the partridge-type to the more colourful cockerel feathering within a few months, and obviously the wattles and combs grow at different rates - but there's no surefire way of knowing yet. Will have a look at the latest hatch and check them over for spots!