Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I came down this morning to find two chicks in the white incubator - I hadn't expected that. The due date I had marked on the calendar had been and gone so I had just about given those eggs up as duds, when out popped these two gorgeous chicks. Welcome to the world!! They are probably GPOs I think - will have to count the other eggs and see what I have left. There were six GPO eggs and six Brown Sussex in there. Now that they have hatched, I am going to leave the incubator on for another few days and keep my fingers crossed that they have some more friends coming out soon. The one cheeping in the blue incubator didn't make it out in the night, and may not do so at all now. Hard times.

Today has been one of those days - I am so tired I could sit here and fall asleep!! I've done my exercise workout for the day: I did Bottom Fit yesterday and Top Fit today. Yesterday was weigh day: I had lost a pound and a half, same as last week. Overall that makes a total of 8lbs lost, so I received my "half stone" award sticker. Makes all the sweating worthwhile - and I know I have lost inches too!! Yay!!

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