Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Holidays start here!

The end of term has arrived!

The girls are both tired after all the excitement of the end of term festivities; the YFG has had a fantastic time today in London. She had never been to London before so she came home reeling off the list of all the things that she has seen today - the London Eye, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and the Thames, as well as Lee Mead in "Wicked". Apparently, it was fantastic and they had seats in the front stalls so that they had a great view. The coach arrived back in the village at 8pm so it was a long day, but they all enjoyed it.

I picked the EFG up from school today at 3.20pm as she was chickening out of bus prefect duty this afternoon - her thoughts were that the kids were going to be "manic" as it was the end of term and they would be murder on the bus because they knew that it would be September before any prefect could report back to the school what they got up to. "Save me!" were her words - I do think she is prone to exaggerate sometimes, but I see where she is coming from. We went to the other town, to the shops and got a few bits, put my Premium Bond winnings in the bank and went to the library. I have "discovered" a new favourite author to go on my list with Katie Fforde - she is called Jane Greene and I have read a couple of her books now and really liked them, so I found two more in the library. Must go to the library more often in the holidays.

One of the rabbits had some babies today - she made two nests in her house, so there must be a few of them. We have moved her hutch into the new chicken house as it has a peculiar roof and there is a lot of rain forecast so I wanted to keep them dry. Hope she likes it in there!

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Poppy's Place said...

Hi Morgan, Finally the rush is over! I hope you all have a good summer. It's lovely to look forward to that long stretch isn't it? Jane xx