Sunday, 11 July 2010

That was the week that was

And boy, didn't it go quickly! I can't remember half of the stuff we got up to but obviously I didn't spend too much time on here..sorry!

There was the trip to the doctor with the ingrown toenail with the EFG - middle toe, which was sore - that was Friday morning. The YFG brought home a rather fab school report which I was thrilled with. Considering she's only been in school three years and is now about to go to secondary school, she has done incredibly well. There was also the trip to the school play on Wednesday which UJ came to as well - it was a modern take on Noah's Ark, from the parrot's point of view - rather fun. Saturday saw the YFG on the Gala Queen's float as a princess - posh frock, new shoes, tiara, fancy hair do AND mascara....the day was SO hot, but it was fab. I got home from gym, quick shower and up to the field, but she had taken her finery off by then - there are some lovely photos though so I haven't missed out completely. UJ stayed last evening for a meal under the gazebo in the garden, so that was fun too.

Next week - last week of gym before the holidays and only a week and half of school to go too!!!
We are looking forward to the summer holidays - yay!

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