Monday, 26 July 2010

Laundry maid day

In and out, up and down, the clothes went around in the washing machine and then I hung them out in between pootling around doing other things. Much of it got dried but then the clouds came over and the last load of towels had to be hung under the verandah. There's always tomorrow!!

The FH and the girls went to their day of art at the village hall, only returning at 2.30pm with their portfolios. The whole six hours until 4pm had proved to be too much for the YFG to handle and she was ready to come home that bit earlier. The FH and EFG have both produced pictures but I have yet to see the YFG's work - perhaps she will show me in the morning.

This evening the family has split up and gone two ways. The FH took the YFG to a free band workshop in the chapel. She used to play the cornet with the EFG in the town band, but then got fed up with it and gave up. Something has sparked her interest again and the notice in the chapel at the weekend that there would be learning sessions for "new" players from 5-7pm on Mondays during the holidays soon had her asking if she could go. She has thoroughly enjoyed it, apparently, has been given an instrument and is looking forward to returning next week.

The EFG and I have been to the cinema to see "Eclipse" which we have both been looking forward to seeing for quite some time. It was brilliant, and I will have to get it on DVD when it comes out so that I can sit and watch it again...and again!!

The latest on the chicks is that the 11 are all doing well and that there is another chick in an egg in the incubator - it is cheeping and we can hear it but we can't tell exactly which egg it is in, and there is no sign of it trying to emerge yet. I am hoping that it will make some progress overnight as it will soon wear itself out if it doesn't get out soon.

Tomorrow I have to go and buy more chicken food!!!

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