Friday, 23 July 2010

The weekend starts now...

It is going to need to start with an early night, so I won't be long before I am off to bed.

Saturday is going to be fun - but busy! We are kicking off with a trip to the cinema to see "Eclipse" before we head home to go to a mid-afternoon BBQ at the home of the choreographer at gymnastics, along with some other gym friends. Then, we have to come home and grab the FH to go to another BBQ at a friend's house in the village! Must save some room for more food there!

Sunday morning brings church - and then my aunt, uncle, cousin and her husband are all dropping in at about 2.30 for a cup of tea. They live up past Wisbech so have a fair trek into this area of the Fens, but they aren't staying to tea, although they were invited, as they have to get back. This will be the first time that this uncle and aunt have visited us in this house. This uncle is UJ's brother. Then at 4pm or so, A&K are coming to tea, and bringing the lovely Alice along with them for the evening, although they won't be staying late as K has to go back to work on Monday after her two week holiday, and they will be taking Alice home as well.

So Saturday we are out and about, and Sunday people are coming here, but it is going to be a very social time for us all!

In the blue incubator we have a chick pipping at the shell, so that may be out by morning as tomorrow is their due date - exciting! The other ones in the white incubator are due soon after, so I shall have to get the nursery accommodation set up again.

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