Sunday, 4 July 2010

Weekend news

Yesterday just seemed to go on and on, and by the evening, I would have been happy to declare that the things I had done in the morning had happened on Friday, so long ago did it seem!

We did gym first thing, starting with the Tots group at 9.30am and that went really well. Sometimes the kiddywinks are losing interest too soon and they just seem to have no attention span at all - and then I keep looking at the clock, desperate to get to the end! Yesterday was totally different and went much better - we must be doing something right.

After that group, we had development and competition girls - 6 of each - and boys - 7 of those, I think. The boys only stay for an hour, and then the girls really went to town. The development girls were working on some new things, which they really enjoyed and had a good go at all of them. The comp girls were all working on beam and bar routines, and we were having a laugh explaining the need for "oomph!" in the routines - they need to have an air of "look at me!" about them, rather than performing in a solid manner but without pizzaz! We worked on the oomph and pizzaz with all the girls.

After gym, we hit Tesco and the YFG went off with the shopping list and a trolley and did the bare minimum weekly shop (must have a count up and see how much of the £100 we have left!) and I went for a wander to see if there were any bargains to be had - and found one! School shirts - boring but a must-have. The secondary school is a shirt-and-tie school, so the YFG needed new shirts with collars that close together, and the EFG could use a couple of extra ones, so I was pleased to find a three-for-two offer on shirts - two packs for the YFG and one for the EFG. I also needed to buy the FH some paint for his art lesson tomorrow as the YFG had helped herself to some of his when she had made the model fire engine a few weeks ago.

We got home and had something to eat, mooched for a while, got changed, hung washing out, and pottered in the garden until the FH and EFG came home later on. I also went to see my friend around the corner for an hour, and eventually came home and made the tea at about 8pm. After tea the FH and I watched some tv and I gave up and went to bed at about 11. A long but good day!

The YFG came blundering into our room to wake me at about 3am after being sick in her bed. Cue drama and I had to dash for a bowl, clean her and the bed up, and then try to get her settled down again on a crudely made bed. At that point, I removed my alarms that had been set on my phone to get us up for church and decided that we all needed the sleep!

The YFG was absolutely fine this morning, thank goodness. She badgered the FH to take her to the local car boot sale, which he did, and was glad he did as he found an enamel plate which he has been wanting for art, and at only 50p it was a bargain. We had a snack lunch and then the FH took both girls to town as the EFG was playing her cornet in a band performance at the bandstand in the park.

This evening, UJ had come over with beetroot, fresh peas and other goodies from the garden so we are being spoilt. We have had fresh lettuce and cucumber from our garden with our tea tonight - this is the life - lots of fresh from the garden produce - plot to plate in 10 yards just can't be beaten!!

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