Sunday, 25 July 2010

Reality check

One of the three that were fluffing up in the incubator has had to be dispatched this evening. It was extremely unfortunate but not only were its feet deformed but there seemed to be no vent opening on its backside and part of its insides were protruding, a bit like a hernia, but there was nowhere for the faeces to be expelled. A very sad moment.

The remaining 11 are all healthy, eating and drinking well and snoozing now! They are in the lounge under the lamp, awaiting any further brothers and sisters which may hatch overnight. The other incubator's hatch is due tomorrow, so we will be hoping for some success there too.

The weekend has passed in a bit of a blur. The first BBQ yesterday was very much a girlie event, with the hostess and her daughter, another coach and her two girls and then me and mine. Another two girls and one of their mothers joined us a little later, and there was much hilarity in the garden with table tennis, water fights and lots of games on the trampoline - and with 6 gymnasts in attendance, a little bit of showing off too!!

The second BBQ was more of a family get together between us and our friends, the P family. We went to their house and they had set up a lovely table in the back garden, where we all sat round chatting until quite late. The children had a lot of fun together, and we stumbled home at around 10.45pm.

This morning, the FH took the girls to church whilst I attacked the clean up! My uncle, aunt, cousin and cousin's husband were here at about 2.15pm for a cuppa, and they had a good look around as it was the first time that my aunt and uncle had visited us at this house. My aunt has had cancer treatment and it was a delight to see her looking so well. My cousin is rushed off her feet with a beauty business and working as a dental nurse as well, so it was good for her to take an afternoon off; she does a lot of work with brides, so weekends are often very busy for her.

They left just as our second set of guests arrived - the Head Coach, his wife and her mother. We had a fun time with them, and they brought along some rather potent wine, so I got a tiny bit giggly later on!! HC's mother-in-law is a wonderful older lady and she is such fun to be around, so we really enjoy her company. She took a photo of my cousin's husband and said that she thought he could be her new toy-boy!! We had a lovely meal outside in the conservatory together, and they left to take Alice home shortly before 8pm.

Tomorrow the girls are going to Art class with the FH for the day, as the art teacher is running a special day from 10-4. Unfortunately for me, the girls have been tidying their rooms, so my day tomorrow will consist of rebooting the washing machine at regular intervals as I struggle to wash all the stuff they have unearthed from their rooms. Mind you, I have done my room as well and found a little to contribute to the heap as well, so I can't say that I am completely innocent!!

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