Tuesday, 13 July 2010

I can't believe it!

What is it with my children and their toe nails?? First the EFG with her middle toe - that was last week's visit to the doctor, and now the YFG has something similar festering at the side of her big toe. We are soaking it in salty water, putting teatree oil on it for disinfection purposes, and using the cream that big sis got for her toe too. If it isn't any better tomorrow, there'll have to be another trip to see Dr someone or other, depending on who is available.

Gym tonight has been interesting. The Head Coach went on holiday to Malta tonight so I'm in charge this week and it is both a little daunting and quite exciting. A helper, an Assistant Coach and I managed the two classes tonight, and we had fun. Setting all the equipment out was not so much fun, but I had done most of it before anyone else got there and it was just the bits I couldn't manage on my own that I had to leave till the cavalry arrived.

The weather's being interesting - a drop of 12 degrees in daytime temperatures mean that it is so much more comfortable for doing things outside! And the rain is good for my parched lawn - I don't water grass, so it has been a little yellowed of late but it'll recover....or die. Tough love!

I managed to do most of the "Bottom Fit" section on the Davina DVD this morning - it was hard work, though, and my legs ached afterwards, and the sweat - I was dripping! 200 squats in a sequence in the middle of it just about did me in completely but I had a little break here and there by just marching or jogging on the spot when I absolutely couldn't go on. I'll improve as I practise it, I hope - and the set of weights arrived, so I am going to do "Top Fit" tomorrow so that I can try them out.

Sending huge hugs out to Dorset to GTM whose cat is missing - a terrible worry for her. Hope Malory comes home soon.

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