Thursday, 5 September 2013

New beginnings

The girls are up and bustling about, getting ready for school - I love the start of the new term in September as it always feels like a second chance at New Year, with an opportunity to make changes and resolutions.  It also means that Christmas is coming, with the change in the weather and the slightly autumnal feel to the air this morning, although we are promised one more hot day today.

The YFG has new school uniform as she did some growing last year [shouldn't be allowed!] and she will be going off looking rather smart.  The EFG is trying to conform a little to the new Sixth Form dress code but it is optional for her year so she isn't trying too hard, although she never looks really scruffy!

And me?  I'm having a trip out this morning, and going to Aldi to spend my voucher and get some food in for the week ahead.  Making more use of the German supermarkets is going to be one of my September resolutions - and I am looking forward to it.

Coming back later with some thoughts on the other resolutions for the month, and a meal plan for the coming week.  See you later - hope you are also having some good weather, wherever you are xx

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