Friday, 13 September 2013

Weekends here

Sometimes weekends are a time for kicking back, relaxing and enjoying oneself in the company of friends and family.  Not so here, it seems!

Tomorrow looks like a day from the worst schedule I could have imagined - a morning at gym from 10am to 1pm, dashing home to get ready to go to chapel at 2 to help prepare for a concert at 3pm, leaving that by 6pm whether it is finished or not to go to take the FH to a school reunion an hour away, visiting UJ whilst the FH is in the reunion and then driving home, aiming to get back here by 10pm.......Am I mad?

Add to that that the YFG is not happy with me because I wouldn't buy her a pair of jeans in Tesco tonight when I went to do the shopping for the buffet at the concert, and she is now in a mood, and I am just about ready for my bed.  The EFG is "sad" she says, because she has found out that someone she knows who regularly goes to parties, cycles for miles at a time, plays the piano rather well, and does a lot of sports, also managed to get 4 A grades in the AS levels, and she feels that life is unfair.  Oh, bless her!  That's life as we all know it!

I've Davina'd this morning, knitted and nattered, coached at gym, cooked and cleaned and washed, made a cake, and washed up again.  This kind of tiredness is at least the good kind where I know I have worn myself out.

Crochet on Sunday, I think - and perhaps a film.  I have earned it.


Angela said...

Absolutely- a Sunday afternoon of crochet, cups of tea, and a decent film to watch. Most definitely well-earned.
blessings xx

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

I'm worn out reading your Saturday schedule!

Unknown said...

Enjoy your Sunday, I think you deserve it after your busy Saturday. I love it when I have a nice 'quiet day' when you can spend a few hours with your crochet or sewing - heaven! Think I may join you! Corrina